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Years ago, we found services and products through the phone book, TV commercials, radio and magazine ads, billboards and other one way marketing mechanisms. Those things still exist today but they do not have as much of a footprint in today’s society as before the turn of the century. For some, it’s hard to remember a day without the advantages of the internet and cellphones, but for others the technological world is still overwhelming. So a solution was needed for how to fill the void in both worlds and so the new “phone book” is now SEO.


During the turn of the century the internet boom happened and millions of businesses flipped the switch and secured their positions on the internet. Like any hot product in a new market, prices were inflated and this kept websites out of reach for a number of small business owners. This was when Doppler Internet was formed. Since 1997 Doppler Internet has focused on providing affordable solutions for small business owners across the United States. Our goal back then, as now, is to help small business owners become a formidable force against their competition on the internet.


During the days of the internet boom it was easy for businesses to rank high in the search engines – their revenues skyrocketed with the ease of having first place page ranking in the search engines. After all, there was so very little online competition to compete with. Over time the market cooled, expanded and website services became readily available. So now 10 years later, websites are easily in reach of any business owner, big or small. But it poses a problem, because the more crowded the internet, the more difficult it is to have first page ranking for your business or your keywords because your competition has entered the race too.


Enter SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) became the new solution to the page rank problem. SEO became necessary for any business that wanted a continuous revenue stream and to generate leads, via online marketing. When SEO reached the market, as once before when websites first entered the scene, the market again exploded and the prices for SEO were dramatically inflated. Interestingly, after some time now, the prices have remained high. But why? Well, one determining reason is that Search Engine Optimization or as commonly known as SEO is still an ongoing process. The top four search engine behemoths, like Google, YouTube, Yahoo and MSN spend millions of dollars a year optimizing how their search engines work and how they pull your content. With every update the ballgame can change and it does. Sometimes it’s small, sometimes it’s huge. But we are constantly rebalancing and redirecting efforts to keep abreast of the search engine changes so that every business has a chance to pull ahead to the front of the race.


The Costs: This in turn, means continual education to keep up-to-date about when, what and how to maintain your website’s performance and ranking in today’s search engines. With this in mind, the investment of time and funds that is required to stay up to date on Search Engine Optimization is too much for the typical small business owner to administer. The costs to outsource successful Search Engine Optimization techniques can easily run a business more than two thousand or more dollars a month. If the product or service the business sells is a hot commodity and the market is flooded with this product or service then the costs of Search Engine Optimization can dramatically increase tens of thousands of dollars.


An Effective Solution to SEO: Have you ever heard of Google Places? If not, then you have probably seen it before and just not realized it. There are over 500,000 geo local searches every day on Google. That means that these people are looking for products or services within their geographical location on the internet. An example would be if you’re visiting Chicago for the first time and you really want to check out what all of the craze is about with Chicago pizza. You hop onto the internet to look for restaurants that make Chicago style pizza and the first thing you’re going to do is punch into search engine keywords to track down a business. Keywords that you might choose would be: Chicago Pizza, pizza Chicago, pizza Chicago, IL, pizza Chicago, Illinois, and Chicago style pizza for example. Once your query is submitted, the search engine will show you businesses in the area that sell Pizza. At the very top right hand side of the search results you will see a map of the Chicago area with red markers sprawled out across the area. These markers are businesses that sell Pizza. To the left of the map will be listings labeled A thru G. This is called the seven pack and it is right in that listing that you want your business to appear to get the business you are looking for.


Enter LOCAL SEO: This form of Search Engine Optimization has coined the phrase LOCAL SEO. It’s a cost effective solution for small businesses to effectively market themselves on the Internet without having to spend thousands of dollars per month, either by hiring someone in-house or outsourcing their SEO needs to a firm that specializes in Search Engine Optimization. The market costs for LOCAL SEO can vary depending on your location, market area, keywords and what you’re trying to accomplish. Doppler Internet’s goal since 1997 has been to help small businesses succeed on the World Wide Web. It is our mission to implement strategic cost effective measures to give small business owners the tools and resources that are needed to succeed on the internet.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is required to promote your website or blog. You might have developed some of the finest products and you would like to sell the same and make a fortune. Having great products will not bring you great yields. Without taking those products to the right set of people, you will not be able to sell the required number of products. The same applies to the service industry as well. You should be able to improve the visibility of your products and services by optimizing your web pages. Let us check how cheap local SEO can help you in this matter.


To promote brands, a number of measures are taken. SEO is the greatest of all. By implementing the right SEO strategy, you can introduce your web pages to the right community in an effective manner. There are websites which came into the limelight in a quick span of time by implementing the right SEO strategy. As a matter of fact, you will plan and implement lots of activities to run your business. As the online awareness is increasing at an alarming pace, you should not hesitate to spend on SEO plans. SEO should be quite an integral part of your overall expenditure. What you spend on cheap local SEO will be many more times less than that of the results that you will get. In essence, you will be greatly benefited by investing small amounts of money in terms of SEO.


In order to select the right kind of SEO service provider, you should take time to do a little bit of research. If you have friends and family members who are involved in online businesses, you can inquire about the modalities in selection of the right kind of an SEO firm. You should go for highly reliable service. There should be continuity of the service. The service provider that you will hire should look after all your needs. You should derive long-term benefits through the SEO process. You should go through online reviews so that you will be able to find the best SEO service providers. You will understand the terms and conditions. You will understand various ways to accomplish SEO. You will understand the latest techniques to get great benefits. Even though you go for cheap local SEO services, you should not compromise on the results. The SEO measures that you will take should be cost-effective.


As you go for cheap local SEO services, you will derive a number of benefits. The website will be promoted through online means. You will get value for the money that you spend on SEO. As the traffic on your site will improve, you will generate more revenue by being able to sell more products and services. If you are planning to make money through the ads, it is also possible. As the traffic increases on your site, you will make more money.


Now, how to know if your business needs local search engine marketing in three easy steps: 1. Go to any search engine, preferably Google due to it owing over 67% of search traffic 2. Type your product or service + your targeted location 3. Look for your listing.


If you see your business listed on the google top 7 pack, or in the organic seo section give yourself a pat in the back, you’ve hired an SEO guru. If executing the above three steps your business is nowhere to be found, a search engine marketing strategy would greatly improve your visibility to your local market and bring you more business.


How does it work? The first step is to complete a website optimization and competition analysis. By utilizing targeted keywords for your industry and your targeted locality it will make your website search engine friendly. By leveraging our existing relationships and deploying white hat seo strategies your website will start improving on search engine rankings. Targeted search engine ranking equals more traffic which equals more qualified leads.


How do I know if I’m getting my money’s worth? One of the most common concerns with local search engine marketing campaigns is that results are not immediate. Customers will pay for services in the hope that the results will follow. We believe that results are the outcome of consistent focused action. While most seo companies will refuse to provide detailed action reports, we insist that you not only receive them, but know how to evaluate them as well. With an aggressive link building strategy tied in with focused keywords and a detailed reporting system, the combination will keep you assured that your website will start producing the results you want.


What about online local directory listings? Having your business appear in over 50+ internet directory listings is critical for your business online presence, you wouldn’t have your company not appear in the yellow pages or other offline listings would you? Find out how local business marketing can help.


Isn’t PPC the same as SEO? PPC which is an acronym for Pay Per Click can be very expensive and not suited for all business types. Would it make sense to invest that money in having your business found by actual paying customers? Think about the difference between someone seeing an add in a magazine, vs someone walking in the mall and finding the perfect shoes on display in the window. PPC is a very effective marketing strategy for certain types of business. PPC + SEO can be a very powerful combination.


Not all businesses are the same, a consultation with one of our local search engine marketing consultants can bring some ideas and strategies so you can achieve your business goals.



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